About department


The Chair of Pedagogy of Primary Education was established in January, 1961 with the aim to train future primary school teachers effectively and efficiently. Since that time the Chair was headed by: P. Yakunin, Z. Uzhhina, M. Stelmahovych, S. Dombrovskiy, L. Stepanova, M. Trofanova, V. Begey, V. Khrushch.

In 70-80 years the Chair consisted of the following sections: pedagogy, natural and mathematical sciences and philology contributing to improving the methodological and scientific research of the teaching staff. The Chair carried out scientific and methodical work with teachers of local and regional primary schools. In the 1990’s the Chair faculty were actively developing the concept and problems of Ukrainian ethnopedagogy. M. Stelmahovych published a monograph “Ethno Pedagogy” in 1985 where he reasonably proves the essence of traditional folk pedagogy, its importance in educating and training children. The monograph was followed by other well-researched books “Ukrainian folk pedagogy”, “Ukrainian ethnopedagogics.”, “Ukrainian Family Studies” that started a new trend in the national science and education.

In 2008 the Chair of theory and methodology of primary education was divided into three Chairs: Department of Theory and Methods of Primary Education, Department of Philology and Methods of Primary Education, Department of Natural and Mathematical Sciences of Primary Education.

The faculty  of Chair of theory and methodology of primary education successfully study the development of the personality of  a primary school pupil. The outcomes and results of the research are a range of monographs “Primary school pupil: problems of development” (2006, 2013, 2014) under the general editorship of professor V. Khrushch.

The important areas of research are questions of training primary school teachers to gain expertise in social and educational activities being able to motivate and develop gifted students and primary school pupils, to model socio-cultural environment of education establishments, pedagogy of Health Safety, to form communicative competence of teachers, to improve teacher’s methodological culture, inclusive education et cetera.

Today the Chairs  faculty carries on an international research project launched in 2006 by professor V. Khrushch “Mountain School: state, problems and prospects of development” in partnership with US universities that are part of the Appalachians Centre. Over the years, the project gained an international status.  Active participants of the project are scientists and experts from the US, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Cuba and other countries.

In 2016 after reorganization of Pedagogical Institute the Chair was a base for creating Chair of Pedagogy of Primary Education consisting of 3 sections: pedagogical, philological and art subjects.

The teaching staff work towards establishing international cooperation with State Higher Vocational School in Chelm, Poland, University of Presov, Slovakia, Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania, etc. Joint conferences and seminars are conducted

The scientific-methodical journal “Mountain School of Ukrainian Carpathians” (listed and classified in the professional academic publications in pedagogics of Ukraine) is systematically issued.

The Chair consists of 35 persons working towards improving quality of professional training of future primary school teachers, mastering their general culture, improving the organization and holding educational (production) practice of students, improving research work.

Each year the faculty hold International Scientific Students’ Internet Conference “Development of personality of  primary school children.”

In 2016 Ukrainian-Polish student exchange project “Culture, history, tradition: in search of common values” under the patronage of Polsko-Ukrainskej Rady Wymiany Mlodziezy (FRSE) was successfully launched.